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ICG Corrosion Surveys & Data Analysis

At Infinity Corrosion we pride ourselves on performing efficient and reliable surveys, always ensuring we deliver the best most informative data and reports to our clients. Our technicians and engineers understand the utmost importance of high-quality data, knowing when more investigation is needed and staying up to date on new industry standards and techniques. ICG surveys include:


  • Light Rail Transit Stray Current Testing

  • Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIS)

  • Test Point Surveys

  • Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM)

  • AC Voltage Gradient (ACVG) and DC Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Surveys

  • Structure-to-Soil Potential Surveys

  • Rectifier Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Annual and Periodic Cathodic Protection Surveys

  • Cathodic Protection Current Requirement Testing

  • Interference Evaluations and Mitigation

  • Electrical Isolation Testing

  • Pipe Locating and Depth of Cover

  • Soil Corrosivity / Resistivity – Wenner 4-Pin and Soil Box

  • Pipeline Continuity Testing

  • Data Logging and Analysis of Dynamic AC and DC Potentials

  • Internal Pipeline Corrosion Evaluations

  • Electrical High Voltage Powerline AC Monitoring and Data logging for Personnel Safety and Corrosion Control


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